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How technology providers get success on the MVNO market
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Most technology providers in the mobile world perceive MVNOs as a new segment and are all asking the same question: How do you address this customer segment?
Strand Consult has worked for the winners and analysed the losers. We have the necessary knowledge about this market that the technology providers need if they want to do business and be successful on this market. The report has been written by our MVNO team that is the largest and most experienced MVNO team in the world. The goal of the report has been to address the following areas:

This report is written for infrastructure and terminal manufacturers.

The report examines the changes in the mobile market and how these changes will affect the infrastructure and terminal manufacturers and makes a number of suggestions on how to react to the changes.

The report helps these players understand the reality of the evolving mobile market and how to best do business on this market.

The report analyses and describes the dominating business models on the MVNO market and describes it differences between the MNO market and the MVNO market.

Many technology and infrastructure providers have a naive belief that the MVNO market operates in the same way as the MNO market. However experience has shown that they are two different markets and that there are enormous differences in the business models being used on the two markets.

This report not only gives you the necessary information about the MVNO market, what it looks like and how it will develop, but also describes how the most successful players on the market are doing business and how they achieved their success.
More information about the report